Sulky 60wt PolyLite in Brown, 440yd Spool

Sulky 60wt PolyLite in Brown, 440yd Spool

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This gorgeous 60wt Polyester looks and feels like silk, but is stronger and less expensive. All 60 attractive colors are Lint Free, Soft and Pliable, Multi-Filament and Colorfast. There are 36 Solid Colors and the 24 Multi-Colors change colors in predictable 1" Segments. Sulky PolyLite is similar to Sulky Blendables only Very Fine.
SulkyLite is the Finest, Strongest Thread for the following:
Micro Stipple Quilting Detailed Embroidery and Small Lettering
Perfect Quilt Piecing Long Arm Quilting
Quilt Binding Serging
French Hand Sewing Machine Cross Stitch
Colored Bobbin Thread Nearly Invisible Hand-Turned Applique~