Shirring Foot Huskylock 1003LCD, White Serger 834DW

Shirring Foot Huskylock 1003LCD, White Serger 834DW

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Also models White 1900, 1800,1700,234D, 634D & Huskylock 1002LCD, 1001L, 1000L, 1000, 700, 535D, 435, 430
Never tried frill-edged seams because they‰۪re too much effort? Obviously, you haven‰۪t tried it with a serger‰۪s special shirring foot yet. It lets you gather fabrics by the meter while attaching them and finishing the seam edges in one easy step.
In other words: Fine ruffles and nostalgic valances can be sewn incredibly fast ‰ÛÒ and without great effort! So why not start sewing doll‰۪s clothes, nostalgic fashion and cozy home decorating projects you haven‰۪t ventured before? The shirring foot allows you to sew together two layers of fabric while simultaneously gathering the bottom fabric layer. It‰۪s absolutely convenient and time-saving, as this
eliminates the extra step of gathering a valance first, before attaching it to a piece of fabric.The shirring foot does it in one simple operation. Single fabric layers, however, are turned into gorgeous frills just as easily ‰ÛÒ thanks to the shirring foot.~