Robison-Anton Twister Tweed Stiched Color Panels

Robison-Anton Twister Tweed Stiched Color Panels

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There are 25 Robison-Anton Twister Tweed colors sewn in to better understand how the Twister Tweed colors look with machine embroidery stitch pattrn on black and white fabric.åÊ The color panels make it much easier to get excited about multi-color threads when you can see the fun color transitions and visual impact in a familiar stitch application.
Robison-Anton's Twister Tweed is a unique two-tone that has a high sheen stitch appearance.åÊ It is made of high tenacity 35wt rayon. Instead of the traditional variegated embroidery thread, where a single strand changes from one color to another, Twister Tweed thread is two different colored strands, twisted together to form a dual color embroidery thread. This gives a more "3-D" effect to your embroidery designs.

Twister Tweed comes on a convenient 700yd Mini-King Spool.