Robison-Anton Metallic in Brass, 1000yd Spool

Robison-Anton Metallic in Brass, 1000yd Spool

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Robison-Anton Rayon Metallic embroidery thread lets you add vivid detail to your designs - it glitters, it shines, it really completes your project! Excellent for embroidery, embellishments and other decorative stitching, Robison-Anton Metallic thread runs great in all machines and looks great next to all Robison-Anton embroidery threads.

This thread is a 260 Denier metallic, which is approximately the same as regular 40 weight embroidery thread. We recommend that you use a 80/12 or 90/14 needle with this thread, and that you slow down your machine if you experience any thread breakage.

1000 yards of Metallic thread comes on a Mini-King Spool.~