Quirky Denim Embroidery Club Disk #122
Husqvarna Viking

Quirky Denim Embroidery Club Disk #122

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Quirky Ruffles and Denim Purse, Quirky 'Jack in the Beanstalk' Jeans and 4 designs

Quirky Tweed is a group of quirky little raw appliqu̩ flowers with a ‰ÛÏtweedy‰۝ fill. The fill lets the fabric underneath show through, and has the feel of a tweed wool fabric. On the Quick Project, plant quirky flowers on a vine, and let it crawl up the leg of jeans, reminiscent of Jack and the Beanstalk! The main project is a ruffled levi purse made from leftovers from a pair of jeans. The legs and back form a pillow, leaving the front and the waistband. The back is filled with ruffles. The final project looks like a cute levi skirt with ruffles on the back.

970201 Raw Edge Applique Pansy

970202 Raw Edge Applique Posy

970203 Raw Edge Applique Quirky Flower

970204 Stem with Raw Edge Applique Leaves~