Piping Foot White Sergers

Piping Foot White Sergers

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Also SL34D
Great tools make your project easier and more fun! Use your serger to apply piping and finish your edges all in one operation! The piping foot guides narrow piping into the serging area leaving your hands free to guide your fabric. You can even create your own piping using fabric strips and piping cord. What could be faster and easier? Use the piping foot to create filled bias cording, spaghetti straps and more! You will love the ease with which you can be really creative!
Piped seams are nothing unusual on upholstery, cushions or curtains. They‰۪re not only great-looking trimmings, but give seams additional strength and durability. Accenting clothes with piped edges is just as pretty and practical: Used on casual jackets or pants, children‰۪s wear and even elegant evening wear ‰ÛÒ piping has a huge variety of applications to enhance your sewing projects.
Piped edge finishings always give your work a professional touch~