Laurastar S7a Ironing System
Laurastar S7a Ironing System
Laurastar S7a Ironing System
Laurastar S7a Ironing System
Laurastar S7a Ironing System

Laurastar S7A Ironing System 000.0603.775

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The Laurastar S7a features the innovative 3D active soleplate, patented by Laurastar, which straightens the fabric while the steam is released over the entire surface of the soleplate to effortlessly eliminate wrinkles.  Thanks to its extremely fast heating time, the system is ready to use in just five minutes.  With its smart and patented foldable system and integrated wheels, it is easy to fold and store away.  Additionally, the S7a comes with the autostop function; the iron automatically turns off after 15 minutes of non-use for enhanced safety and energy efficiency.

Included accessories:
ORIGAMICOVER quality cover
AQUA S-LINE integrated filter + 1 AQUA REFILL refill
SOFTPRESSING (3D) soleplate
COOLMAT insulating mat
RINS-ME drain tray
HOLDER S-LINE cable holder

Professional Iron:  lightweight, 3D active soleplate, automatic steam
Auto Shutoff: 15 minutes of non-use
Steam Pressure:  3.5 bars (double volume)
Steam Droplets:  extra fine
Blower/Vacuum:  silent, automatic
Power, Fan:  16VA, 2 speeds
Ironing time:  unlimited
Heating Time:  approximately 5 minutes
Water Tank Capacity:  removable, 40.6 oz
Electric Cable:  9.84 feet
Mobility:  2 pairs of integrated wheels
Ironing Board Height:  6 positions, 32.3 - 40.2 inches
Dimensions (L x W x H):  54 x 16.6 x 7.9 inches
Power Appliance:  1700w for 120v systems
Total Weight: approximately 41.7 lbs