Juki MB-373U

Juki MB-373U

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  • 1500 Stitches Per Minute
  • With Automatic Thread Trimmers
  • Single-Thread Chainstitch 
  • Includes Table, Stand, And Motor
  • Industrial Buttonhole Machine
  • High-performance machine which sews buttons at high speed with accuracy 
  • Sew buttons without cross-over stitches! 
  • Sewing size can easily be changed by moving a lever 
  • Switch between 4-hole and 2-hole with the flip of a lever 
  • Change buttonhole sewing interval 
  • The number of stitches can easily be changed in accordance with sewing specifications, 6, 12, 24, 8, 16, and 32 
  • Accurately sew buttons with consistent stitching specifications 
  • Machine ensures consistent sewing performance even when it runs at 1500 stitches per minute 
  • Unique speed-decreasing device reduces vibration when sewing machine stops, thereby enabling the sewing machine to beautifully finish buttons with accuracy 
  • Thanks to thread trimmer, which cuts the thread without fail, the machine can sew buttons with accuracy even when using a thick thread 
  • Comes with a compact-in-size thread trimming mechanism which interlocks with the button clamp lifting lever 
  • Thread trimmer allows the machine to beautifully finish buttons with no remaining thread after thread trimming 
  • Machine can handle large buttons even with thick thread 
  • Automatically starts twice continuously by only depressing the pedal once 
  • 4-hole button sewing mode can be easily changed over to 2-hole button sewing by changing over the switch and adjusting the number of stitches with the setting lever 
  • Incorporates mechanisms which are designed to help the operator, such as a safety mechanism which keeps the sewing machine running in only one cycle even when the pedal is held depressed 
  • Maximum stitches per minute: 1500 
  • Motor: 200W (1/4 HP) 
  • Sewing system: Single thread chainstitch 
  • Number of stitches: 8, 16, 32, or 6, 12, 24 
  • Feed length (lengthwise): 0, 2.5
  • 6.5 mm 
  • Feed length (crosswise): 2.5
  • 6.5 mm 
  • Buttonsize: 10
  • 28 mm 
  • Maximum stitch length: 9 mm 
  • Needle bar stroke: 48.6 mm 
  • Alternating vertical movement: 2.5 mm - 6.5 mm 
  • Thread take-up: 48.6 mm 
  • Hook: Vertical-axis, double-capacity hook 
  • Needle: TQ x 7 #20 (#18), 1661EL, 1987, 2091 (#115-#125), 175 x 7 (#044
  • #048) 
  • Thread: Thick cotton thread, synthetic thread, etc. to the thickness #20 
  • Weight: 93.7 lbs 

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Shown with Japan Table and Stand not the same as U.S.

Number of Stitches can be Quickly Changed using the Knob and Lever

Sewing Flat Buttons

Sewing Buttons with Neck Wraps