Juki DNU1541 Walking Foot Needle Feed

Juki DNU1541 Walking Foot Needle Feed

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All the features of the 1508 at an economical price! Horizontal axis large hook, loads from the side. Replaces Juki DNU-241H . Will fit standard cut out. Also available with safety clutch

  • Single Needle 
  • Compound Needle Feed And Walking Foot 
  • Speed up to 3000 Stitches Per Minute 
  • 9 Mm Stitch Length 
  • Industrial Upholstery Machine
  • US Warranty 30- Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Non-US Warranty: 30- days parts and labor
  • With its larger needle bar stroke, higher presser foot lift, and newly adopted double-tension mechanism, the machine offers excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness 
  • Alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot are as large as 6.5 mm 
  • In addition, the ratio between alternating vertical movements of the walking foot and presser foot remains unchanged even when the material thickness changes 
  • Rectangular feed prevents needle from fraying 
  • Sews multi-layered parts of a material with consistent stitching pitch while preventing stitch gathering 
  • When the thread is caught in the hook or any other sewing trouble occurs, the safety mechanism will automatically operate to prevent the machine from being damaged 
  • Stitch length can be easily selected by the stitch dial 
  • Includes a clear view of the area around the needle, placement of the bobbin thread winder on the front face of the machine arm, and a large hand wheel 
  • Knee-lifter mechanism is built in the bed which reduces the pressure required to operate facilities setup 
  • Machine's full open-type top design makes adjusting works easier 
  • Machine comes with a lubricating mechanism that uses a centralized oil wick which substantially reduces the time and trouble required for oiling the machine 
  • A walking foot mechanism is built into the machine arm to prevent oil from scattering 
  • Stitch length: 9 mm 
  • Needle bar stroke: 36 mm 
  • Presser foot lift clearance by hand: 9 mm 
  • Presser foot lift clearance by knee: 16 mm 
  • Hook type: Horizontal-axis full-rotary double-capacity hook 
  • Needle: 135 x 17 
  • Thread: #30
  • #5, B46
  • B138, Nm=60/3
  • 15/3 
  • Distance from needle to machine arm: 10.3" 
  • Bed size is 477mm 178mm, or 18.75" x 7" standard flatbed.
  • Weight of machine head: 80.47 lbs 
  • UL Listed 

Included Accessories
  • Instruction manual 
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Sews High-Speed Stitches on Leather and Upholstery

Safety Mechanism on 1541S

Extra High Presser Foot Clearance up to 16mm or 5/8"

Maximum Alternating Vertical Movement up to 6.5 mm

Major Parts

Table, Stand and Motor