Cording Foot for Husqvarna Viking Huskystars
Husqvarna Viking

Cording Foot for Husqvarna Viking Huskystars

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Design your own braids and trims. Simply place cord(s) in the foot and sew over them for a simple couching method. Or sew over one cord with a zigzag to gather heavier weight fabrics. This foot is uniquely designed to guide the strands being couched while making it easy to insert the strands into the foot.

Fantastic decorative effects are easy with this special foot. Embroidery floss, pearl
cotton or high-sheen threads can be sewn in place with the utility or decorative stitch of your choice.

This Inspira Cording foot is for use with Husqvarna Viking Huskystar C10, C20, E10, E20, and EM10.