Brother BAS-326G Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed

Brother BAS-326G Direct Drive Programmable Electronic Pattern Sewer with Cylinder Bed

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Direct Drive Programmable electronic pattern sewer with cylinder bed 220mm x 100mm

Sewing data is sewn faithfully and attractively, with high maximum sewing speed. Economical operation, with low power consumption. Work clamp lift amount can be adjusted easily from the operation panel. Works with optional easy-to-use programmer PD-3000. Achieved Perfect stitch area covering more than 90% of the sewing direction while realizing high quality sewing stitches. Regardless of material, a superior stable sewing stitch can be obtained. Appealing stitches are here to stay. Special hook for perfect stitch has been newly developed and it ensures excellent thread tightening evenly. Uniform stitches and stable thread tightening can be obtained as compared with hitch stitch even with the change of sewing direction and material. Complete perfect stitch has been achieved in rectangular pattern stitching as BAS-326G with Perfect Stitch covers its area at almost all sewing directions. Wide-range perfect stitch area contributes to improve your product quality and spread your range of sewing products.

High quality stitching exactly the way it is programmed even at high-speed sewing

With adoption of the high-rigid feed mechanism with servo-control, high- precision pattern sewing is available and feed drifting, which is electronic sewing machinespecific, does not occur even with high speed or weighty material sewing. Low thread tension sewing is possible with stable thread tension... The high-rigid feed mechanism with servo-control and the needle bar / thread take-up mechanism having optimal timing and stroke have realized stable thread tightening at low tension sewing. It has enlarged the range of balanced thread tensions.

Presser foot control mechanism always provides uniform thread tightness

When thickness of material has been changed, the height of the stepping presser foot is changed so that a fixed amount of presser foot moving is constantly provided. This prevents the stepping presser foot from lifting too much or being excessively pressed and thus uniform thread tightness can be obtained. The height of the stepping presser foot can be set with no tools required, simply by entering a numeric value from the operation panel or in a program. Furthermore, you can use user programs to set the stepping presser foot height to the desired height separately for each sewing program.

Smooth and beautiful stitches can be produced with a minimum resolution of 0.05 mm

Since the data is resolved at 0.05 mm per pulse for the feed, slanted lines and curves are accurately sewn with beautiful finishes. Also, a simple single point embroidery motif can be sewn, and embroidering on heavy materials, which is not easy with a general embroidery machine, is also possible.

Productivity is increased with maximum sewing speed of 2,700 sti/min

With the adoption of a Brother's unique direct drive motor, starting and stopping is quick. Machine time has been reduced by approximately 19% compared to the previous model and thus productivity is increased. * When sewing at a sewing speed of 2,700sti/min, set the stitch length to 4mm and under.

Economical operation with low power consumption

The direct drive mechanism greatly reduces power transmission losses, and a compact and energy-efficient motor has also been adopted. These innovations result in energy savings of approximately 50% from previous models. This is a programmable electronic pattern sewer with the lowest power consumption in the market.

Environmentally friendly

Brother has established its original "Brother Green Label" for the products, in conformity with ISO 14021 and JIS Q14021.BAS-311G and 326G is certified as an environment- conscious sewing machine according to the "Brother Green Label" standard. The machine is compliant with the RoHS Directive*. The use of the restricted substances such as lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium is absolutely within the regulation values. Brother has been providing all its products in accordance with the RoHS Directive for all market areas(excluding machine tools).

  • US Warranty 25 - Years Mechanical Parts, 2 - Years Electrical Parts, 1 - Year Service Labor on defects in material or workmanship
  • Non-US Warranty: 30 - days parts and labor