Juki AVP 875S Automatic Pocket Setter (for jeans)

Juki AVP 875S Automatic Pocket Setter (for jeans)

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Juki AVP-875S


  • The machine demonstrates improved productivity
  • The machine folds pocket cloths with beautiful, sharp creases and absolutely no material slippage
  • The pocket style jig can be easily replaced and adjusted
  • The blade point of the hook tucks the thread at a constant position even if the needle throws to the right and left, thereby helping reduce stitch skipping and thread breakage
  • The machine achieves consistent seam quality
  • The machine is ready for large garment bodies
  • The folding unit is sufficiently spaced from the machine head. This means large garment bodies never interfere with each other even when right and left garment bodies are alternately processed on the machine
  • The machine widely adapts to materials of various sizes and many different sewing specifications
  • The large-hooked zigzag stitching lockstitch machine head runs at a maximum sewing speed of 4,000rpm and comes with JUKI's unique offset mechanism for the hook driving shaft
  • Pocket style jigs can be replaced with no tools A new pocket style jig can be installed in the machine and fully adjusted in only about five minutes
  • After replacing the pocket style jig, the folding position of the pocket cloth can be finely adjusted via the operation panel in a few short moments
  • The stacker provides a capacity of 64 pieces of finished products In addition, the stacker is equipped as standard with a stacker-capacity detector
  • Crease Folding Unit
  • Complete with table stand and motor

JUKI automatic pocket setter is a highly advanced machine that automatically performs pocket setting procedures for jeans ranging from folding the hip pocket piece, setting it onto the garment body, sewing it, and stacking the finished product. The result is even more consistent quality and higher productivity.
When the machine is equipped with the optional jig for a pre-folded pocket style, pocket pieces folded in advance, upstream from the machine's standard pocket-setting functions, can be sewn onto the garment body while disabling only the pocket-piece folding function. This production style using the optional pocket style jig makes it possible to apply the machine for the production of various products in small lots at a reduced cost.
The machine can be used in two different ways, i.e., as a regular pocket setter when the production lot is large, or as a pre-folded pocket setter when the lot is small. In this way, the AVP-875 offers increased availability.


The machine automatizes a series of pocket-setting processes, concurrently folding and sewing sequential pocket cloths in the production line, thereby resulting in substantial labor savings. With its newly developed large-hooked zigzag-stitching lockstitch machine head, the machine run at a maximum sewing speed of 4,000rpm and executes all of its operations with split-second response. The sum result: dramatically reduced cycle time and increased productivity.


A pocket cloth is folded on the table surface and properly tensed by a pocket style jig to create sharp creases without material slippage or bulging. The pocket cloth is vertically shifted and pulled to the suitable tautness for placement on the garment body. This prevents the pocket cloth from slipping out of the correct position and makes it easy to adjust folding timing. With this pocket-folding and pocket-positioning mechanism, the machine is widely adaptable to various materials.


Replacing the pocket style jig, including adjustment, takes only about five minutes. The pocket style jig can be attached/removed without the use of any tools. By reducing the downtime required for pocket style jig replacement, the machine can respond more flexibly to small-lot production.
The folding position after the replacement can be finely adjusted with a few easy modifications of the sewing data on the operation panel, and a series of operating procedures can be checked step by step by changing over the operation mode.

The work clamp plate clamps the pocket cloth at the center of the sewing area so that the entire pocket cloth is pressed down evenly, thereby preventing the cloth from flopping. 
In addition, by installing JUKI's unique hook-driving-shaft offset mechanism in the machine head, the machine produces beautiful seams with consistency while preventing the stitch skipping or thread breakage that is liable to occur when the needle throws to the right and left.