Arrow Mod2011 Mod Sewing Cabinet

Arrow Mod2011 Mod Sewing Cabinet

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Mod Sewing Cabinet

Our Sewing Cabinet is part of our popular Modular line that allows you to pick and place the pieces you need.  Grouped together the 4- Piece Modular Line allows for an “L” shape configuration lining a wall and corner taking up the least amount of floor space in a room.  If you don’t want to line the wall, pull the units out and place them in your room where ever you want them. You can buy the units you need and place them to fit your room and your desires.

The Sewing Cabinet features an airlift mechanism to move your sewing machine or serger up and down into three positions: freearm, flatbed & storage.  The lift will support a 55# sewing machine and the opening is 24” w x 12” d.

Another feature is the retractable, hinged pocket door that slides in and out of a side pocket.  A tape measure on the front top panel will allow for quick measurements and 2 adjustable height shelves will allow for storage of insert or small notions.  Place the wood cover (included) over the sewing well when your sewing machine is in the storage position and the top becomes a flush surface for other projects. 

The Modular Sewing Cabinet rests on casters allowing you to move it from place to place. Once in place the casters lock down in place and the door closes to conceal the contents for a clean and neat look.


38-1/2” w x 23” d x 30” t

Shelf:  6” w x 14.5” d

3 year Arrow Warranty.

Sewing Machines that are too large and do not fit this cabinet: Baby Lock Destiny, Brother Dream V8500D.  The Janome 15,000 and Elna 920 eXpressive will fit the platform of the cabinet in flatbed position (a custom insert is available) but you will have to move the sewing machine from right to left to lower into the storage position because of the extension of the front support leg of the machine.Also the knee lifter lever cannot be used with a sewing cabinet due to the length of the lever and how machine sits on the platform in flatbed position.