Hoop Ease Stabilizer 170mm x 100mm
Husqvarna Viking

Hoop Ease Stabilizer 170mm x 100mm

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The Hoop Ease is a fiber stabilizer with the center cut out so there is no stabilizer under the design area. It has a "grippy" feel to it - not sticky and not tacky - which makes it perfect for holding your fabric in place.

Place the fabric on top of the Hoop Ease centering the embroidery placement in the center of the cut-out. Place the Hoop Ease and fabric into the hoop and tighten or secure.

This is the perfect way to stabilize the thin, slippery and lightweight fabrics. By using Hoop Ease, there is no stabilizer bulk is desired under the design, nor do you have to worry about how to remove excess stabilizer since there is none!

Hoop Ease is cut to fit the hoop for which the dimensions show and it‰۪s relative design area.~